Press Features in 2015

Press Features in 2015

Imogen’s Imagination press features in 2015 were very focused.

We were very limited by the available dates for The Hat Stand pop up shop in the Winter Garden, meaning we had to go for a less than perfect date.

Holding the pop up shop in March meant a lot less planning time, however we still made the most of every opportunity!

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Sheffield Telegraph - March

Think you’ve seen this photo before?

Yes, the journalist recycled the pics from last year!

We weren’t upset though. Logistically, it was always a challenge to find time when all three of us could be in the shop for a photo op.

Our hook for the press was that we were the first dedicated hat shop in Sheffield city centre for a generation. This was absolutely true! You can read a blog about my research on The Hat Stand website.

Sadly the accompanying online article has now been archived.

Sheffield Telegraph March 15

Sheffield Star - March

A little more recycling, but a new story!

As the pop up shop took place earlier in the year, we were thrilled to be able to take part in “Wear a Hat Day” in support of Brain Tumour Research

This is an annual fundraising campaign that invites the public to wear their favourite hat and offer a donation to this amazing charity.

It is a charity that I have supported in many forms over the years after loosing a dear friend to this cruel disease.

The Hat Stand Sheffield Star Mar 15

Sheffield Star - March

Another familiar photo, however a timely opportunity for an extra plug for the pop up shop!

A few days after our initial mention, I was asked to comment on the announcements in new Budget.

Obviously, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to plug the pop up shop too!

Imogen's Imagination Sheffield Star- Mar 15

Sheffield Telegraph - April

We were absolutely thrilled to make the front page and receive a double page spread this year.

As well as selling hat themed pin badges, and collatcting donations, we also invited the public to visit us whilst wearing their favourite hat too… and I got to wear my favourite beret at the time!

Sadly the accompanying online article has now been archived.

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