Nautilus Brooches

Discover my range of beautiful, hand-crafted nautilus shell brooches. These truly unique pieces of jewellery showcase my couture millinery skills, allowing them to be worn in a variety of ways.

Available in classic colours, and trimmed with tiny, shimmering beads; these timeless nautilus brooches are so very versatile. For example, they would look fabulous adorning a woollen, winter coat. Or, why not add as a statement accessory to an extra special outfit? You could also wear them with a blouse or suit jacket, for a seriously chic work look.

I will send each brooch in its own presentation box. This not only makes it a great gift, but also helps you keep your ribbon shell safe, and in good condition, for years to come.

Couture Craftsmanship
I created the nautilus shell-shape of this brooch by using a complex technique, established in the 1950s by couture milliners. The technique involves the hand-pleating and hand-sewing of petersham ribbon. It is through this process that I was able to create the distinctive “nautilus” shell-shape of these brooches

In the 1950s, the nautilus technique was used exclusively by couture hat makers. Furthermore, nowadays, it is only practiced by a small handful of skilled milliners, including myself.

The laborious nature of the process, and the high level of skill required, means that this technique is not suitable for mass production. Therefore, this brooch really is a unique piece of expert craftsmanship.

You can find out more about the history of the Nautilus technique, and learn about my personal journey of discovery, by reading my series of blogs on the topic.

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