Press Features in 2012

Press Features in 2012

Imogen’s Imagination press features in 2012 saw my first international feature.

I also succumbed to the ego boost of paid advertising again! 

Sadly this was yet another expensive mistake, however this time I learnt my lesson properly.

To see more press features over the years, please visit the In the Press section of my blog.

Vogue - April

This time it was a case of go big or go home with my final advert in Vogue.

This is probably one of the largest hats I’ve ever made!

Spoilers: You’ll see a lot more of it via my Press Features in 2014!

Imogen's Imagination Vogue Magazine April 2012

BBC Radio Sheffield - October

I was invited to the Rony Robinson show to talk about my secret life as a milliner, whilst also working for South Yorkshire Police and an intelligence analyst.

I really enjoyed the experience and this was just the first many more visits and phone interviews with various presenters on the station.

I think people are often surprised by this juxtaposition. I have to confess though, I always had the most fabulously colour coordinated charts and spreadsheets!

BBC Radio Sheffield Sophie with presenter Rony Robinson

Cosmopolitan (Italy) - November

I was asked to contribute to this article about selling online with a comment about my own experiences.

My quote was used in Rule 4 – Keep An Eye on Social.

As my business has relied on using social media as a tool over the years. I use it to frequently to build client relationships and to reach new customers. So using social media is something that I am pretty experienced at!

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