Imogen’s Imagination at London Hat Week 2014

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If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you may not have escaped the news that last week that Imogen’s Imagination was at London Hat Week 2014!  I was invited to show at London Hat Week between 6th and 9th March this year.

I was so very honoured to be approached by Atelier Millinery, hosts of the Etsy Showcase that featured members of the Milliners of Etsy team.

This team is an online community of milliners from all over the world. A little place where we can swop information, show off our latest designs and get involved in amazing project like this!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to visit the exhibition, however the wonderful Tina Giuntini at Atelier Millinery took these photos of my straw button hat designs, which were chosen to grace the shop window.

Even more excitingly, my hats were featured in HATalk magazine in their write-up of the events that took place during the festival.

I hope that Imogen’s Imagination at London Hat Week 2014 is just the start of my involvement with this fantastic event.
HATalk Magazine feature - March 2014

Update 2021: I’m thrilled to say that 2014 was only the start of my London Hat Week experiences!

The first few events were held every 18 months alternating between Spring and Autumn. However as the festival became more established, the organisers settled on an annual Spring event.

During this time I also settled into studio life and full time millinery, freeing my up to be able to participate more fully.

I returned to LHW in 2019 and took part in the most amazing workshop learning how to make a ribbon Nautilus.

At the time, little did I know just how much that would influence my involvement in LHW 2020 when I took part in the X-Terrace exhibition!

It was also the start of a wonderful relationship with HATalk magazine who have been fantastically supportive of my work work over the years. See more of the features I have received in the magazine here.

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