Press Features in 2011

Press Features in 2011

Imogen’s Imagination press features in 2011 were varied and frequent.

I took my first foray into paid advertising too. Whilst this wasn’t exactly successful, it was very exciting and I learnt a lot from the process.

At this time I was still working full time as and intelligence analyst and it was always a bit of an ego boost to get “spotted” on the tram as the “hat lady” from the local publications.

To see more press features over the years, please visit the In the Press section of my blog

Profile Magazine - April

The photoshoot for this article actually happened in my dining room at home. Something of a novel experience!

Sadly I no longer make these birdie fascinators however they were best sellers for a very long time. 

(They were also a personal favourite of mine, even if I’m not technically allowed to have favourites!)


Sheffield Telegraph - July

In the early days of business I spent a lot of time on the road at craft and vintage fairs, both locally and across the region.

If there’s one thing I’m never short on, it words to big up my fellow makers and the handmade scene in general!

I think my willingness to talk to journalists to celebrate craft, making and it’s importance to the local economy is one of the reasons I always got approached for comment at events. 

That and the fact that I was usually the only person selling hats!

Sheffield Star - September

This was another article in which my dining room featured quite heavily. As did my love of leopard print!

There was an online article to accompany this piece, although sadly it has now been archived.

Westside Magazine - October

Just a little mention however the image does feature some spectacular velvet roses.

I still have some of these in stock if they tempt you to have a design made using them.

Imogen's Imagination Westside Magazine Oct 11

Vogue - October

This is a bit of a cheat – not a proper feature but a paid advert in the classified section of the magazine.

But who doesn’t love the phrase “As seen in Vogue”?

You may recognise some of the designs in my advert image from the Sheffield Star article earlier in the year… and yes, that is the same hat box!


Imogen's Imagination Vogue Oct 11

Sixer Magazine - November

“I confess I am not a designer that is comfortable with the avant-garde but I aim to create classic pieces that are not only timeless but also on trend”.

I don’t think my ethos has changed from this stance over the years!

Imogen's Imagination Sixer Magazine Nov 11

Vogue - December

Again, my ego won the argument with this second advert in the classified section.

These lavish beaded headbands were perfect for the theme especially at the start of “party season”.

Imogen's Imagination Vogue Dec 11

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