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Button Hats

Button hats are effortlessly chic, and so very versatile. So, whether you’re looking for a wedding hat, a race day hat, or simply the finishing touch to that extra special outfit, these small, perfectly-formed occasion hats are an excellent choice!

You’ll find hats for every season in this range, as I work with a variety of materials, from lightweight summer straws, to rich winter felts.

Handmade Millinery
Below, you’ll find a wide range of button hats, all of which I design and make by hand in my Sheffield studio. I use the traditional millinery technique of hand-blocking, to create the compact, beautifully-shaped, button bases of these hats.

Variety of Styles
For many of the designs in this collection, I have capitalised on the classic simplicity of the button hat. Crisp pleated detailing, or small embellishments of pearl or ribbon, serve to elevate the understated glamour of these pieces. If you’re looking for a more subtle look, then these designs are perfect.

However, for those wanting a more statement piece, there’s also plenty of options. The large crinoline loops, or structured feather work, of some of the more daring pieces in my button hat collection, prove that, despite its small size, the button hat can still pack a large punch when it comes to drama!

Purchase with Confidence
As all my hats are unique, one-of-a-kind pieces, you’ll never have to worry about someone else wearing the same design as you!

And, you can purchase my occasion hats with confidence, with my fast shipping and clear returns policy.

Custom Orders
Are you looking for an even more bespoke experience? Then please do contact me! We can then arrange for an in-person consultation, and begin the custom order experience.