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Shop the New AW20 Beret Collection

Shop the new AW20 beret collection
Shop the new AW20 beret collection

Are you ready to shop the new AW20 beret collection?

Well the great news is that the new designs are now available to buy online!

Not only have I introduced 15 new colours to my range of autumn winter berets, I’m also offering additional new colour combinations, thanks to the feedback I received from my Newsletter readers.

(BTW if you aren’t signed up to my Newsletter, you totally should be! My Newsletter readers receive an exclusive discount code giving them 15% off their first order – EVERY year!)  

If you saw my sneaky peek preview last month (yup, that was another Newsletter reader perk) you may already know what’s on your wish list – just hit the button to shop the new AW20 beret collection today.

If you haven’t been formally introduced yet, keep reading to find out more!

All image credits: Danni Maibaum – Photographer extraordinaire, all round good egg and total dream to work with!

Meet the New Designs

As already mentioned, I’ve added lots of new colours to this collection…but I’ve introduced even more colour combinations!

This year the berets are all about block colours, and after many (oh so very many!) metres of sample colours, I finally decided on the best ribbon colours to match to the berets. Don’t worry though, those samples aren’t going to waste – I’m working on a new project to use them up!

This means that many of the new designs are available with either a co-ordinating velvet ribbon bow or a black velvet ribbon – simply choose which you would prefer when you order.

These new choices have also meant a little refresh for some of my existing designs, such as the Red and Magenta colour ways.

Red Wool Felt Beret with a Bow by Imogen's Imagination
Red Beret with Red Velvet Ribbon Bow
Red Beret Black Velvet Ribbon Bow
Red Beret with Black Velvet Ribbon Bow
Magenta Beret with Magenta Velvet Ribbon Bow
Magenta Beret with Magenta Velvet Ribbon Bow
Magenta Beret Black Velvet Ribbon Bow
Magenta Beret with Black Velvet Ribbon Bow


Navy blue has always been THE staple shade of blue in my beret collection, but this year I’ve added 3 new shades; Airforce, Cornflower and Duck Egg Blue. These new shades would all look great paired with a navy winter coat for a splash of brightness during the gloomy months.

Shop all the Blue Berets


I confess, green is one of my least favourite colours…even though I know it’s hugely popular! With my 3 new shades of Emerald, Moss and Sage I hope there will be something for all the green lovers out there. Emerald is just a fabulously festive colour, but I suspect Moss and Sage will appeal to those who prefer more earthy tones.

Shop all the Green Berets


When I saw this Mustard beret I just KNEW that I had to include it in this year’s collection. This would be the most fabulous colour pop when paired with navy blue, burgundy/dark red tones or shades of brown. The Pale Yellow will definitely bring a little sunshine to a dreary day…and it will be perfect for Spring too!

Shop the Yellow Berets


If you’ve watched the video in my How To Wear a Beret blog, you already know that pink is my absolute favourite of all the colours…and I’m totally sold on these new additions to my range in Bubblegum and Coral. Bubblegum is slightly paler than the pink berets used for last year’s floral collection but just as pretty!

Shop all the Pink Berets


I’ve already mentioned Magenta but I have re-introduced Purple to my collection too. Many many moons ago, I used to have a fab shade of purple until it was discontinued by my beret supplier. This one is even better than that original shade, this is a gloriously rich deep purple.

Shop all the Purple Berets


Red is by far the most frequently featured colour in my beret collection, however that’s partly because I have two reds; a classic scarlet red and a rich wine red. These are now joined by the brand new Russet red. With it’s red-brown tones, this is such a wonderfully autumnal shade.

Shop all the Red Berets 


Last but not least are these classic neutral tones of Charcoal, Camel and Beige. These may be neutral but they are anything but bland! I teamed the Charcoal and Camel with black velvet ribbon bows as they really needed the colour contrast to make them pop. However all three of these shades are elegantly classic and oh so wearable.

Shop the Neutrals: Charcoal Grey, Camel, Beige

Want to see more of the new designs?

I’ve been embracing technology and I’ve created short videos for every design in the new collection!

These have been published on my Youtube Channel and more will be added soon.

Seen enough? Found your favourite new colour?

Are you now ready to shop the new AW20 beret collection?

Here’s that all important link for you again – this will take you straight to all the new berets for Autumn Winter 2020.

Happy shopping!

Consultation Appointments at the Studio

consultation appointments at the studio
consultation appointments at the studio

I’m thrilled to be able to offer consultation appointments at the studio again. 

The staff at Yorkshire Artspace (my landlord) have been amazing over the last few months. I am so very grateful to them. They have worked tirelessly since the UK-wide lockdown to keep the building open to studio holders.

Thanks to them, Exchange Place Studios is now deemed Covid secure thanks to the measures they have put in place. 

Needless to say, it’s really important that all studio holders and visitors now adhere to these new protocols.

What Has Changed?

Funnily enough, there is no specific guidance from the Government about how I should offer consultation appointments at the studio, in fact there is no guidance for milliners at all.

As a result, I am requesting that visitors follow the guidance issued to studio holders by Yorkshire Artspace, plus a few extra measures aimed at those working in close proximity to others e.g tailors and well as those in retail settings. Along with a healthy dose of common sense.

I will need to get close to you during your appointment to help you try on any potential designs, however I will aim to keep this proximity to a minimum.

With this in mind, please do wear a face covering when you attend for your appointment. If your face covering has been worn for a long time or is damp, I will have spare disposable masks in the studio.

I will also reciprocate by wearing a face visor and a face mask too.

We have LOTS of hand sanitiser points in the building, however please feel free to bring and use your own hand-sanitiser as well.

Please do not visit the studio if you have Covid-19 symptoms

Naturally, I hope it goes without saying, that if any of the following applies to you, please contact me as soon as possible to cancel your appointment. 

  • You are showing any Covid-19 or ANY other cough/flu-type symptoms.
  • You are awaiting the results of a Covid-19 test
  • You have been advised to have a Covid-19 test

OR you have recently been in contact with

  • Anyone who has tested positive to Covid-19
  • Anyone who is awaiting a Covid-19 test themselves
  • Anyone who is showing Covid-19 or ANY other cough/flu-type symptoms themselves.

Arriving at Exchange Place Studios

As with the rest of daily life, I have had to make a few changes to the way I do things when having consultation appointments at the studio.

There is a one way system in place around the building and lift access is restricted to one person at a time. We also have lots of wall mounted hand sanitizer stations dotted around the building.

Usually, I would meet my clients in reception and take them up to my 5th Floor studio in the lift. I have always been open to you bringing a trusted advisor to your appointment, especially if you need assistance with any decision making.

  • I am now only able to accept one visitor to the studio at a time.

This is to help me maintain my distance from you within my studio space. This could be awkward with more than one visitor at a time. Please do not bring any children, of any age, with you.

(I confess, I’ve usually discouraged clients from bringing children – they tend to get bored and they are really rubbish at giving advice about what looks good!)

  • I will meet you at the studio holder’s entrance to the studio, not the main reception.

When I confirm your appointment, I will let you know where this entrance is and make sure you have my phone number too…just in case you get lost or are delayed.

  • I will ask you to sign into our visitors book, using your own pen. I will also ask you to sanitise your hands.

This would be the same process if you were to enter the building via the main reception – all studio holders and visitors are required to sign in and out of the building.

  • I will escort you to the lift, and follow you up to the 5th Floor via the one way staircase.

Trust me, the lift is far preferable to the stairs. But using them frequently has made me a lot fitter and they feel less like the Gladiators Travelator now! There is another hand sanitiser station outside the lift on the 5th floor, please do feel free to use it again whilst you wait for me. I promise I won’t be too far behind you though.

During Your Appointment

I clean all my door handles, light switches, plug switches and work surfaces on arrival to my studio. I am currently only working from the studio one or two days a weeks and sadly, have few visitors.

However, I will clean all high touch points again before your appointment – just to be on the safe side.

(As you can see, even my cleaning products are on brand!)

I will also have additional hand sanitiser in the studio for both of us to use if required.

If you have the NHS COVID-19 app on your phone, you can scan the QR code poster on my studio door.

I will keep an electronic record of your time of arrival and departure, in addition to your name, telephone and email address for NHS Test and Trace purposes. If you do not have the app and I am contacted, this is the information that will be passed on. This is information that you would provide to me as part of booking your appointment and it will be stored and used in accordance with my Privacy Notice.

As mentioned, I will keep my distance from you as frequently as possible and wear my face visor and mask throughout your visit.

I will also ensure that a window is open to improve ventilation, I may also prop the door open to aid air circulation.

Any designs that you try on during your appointment will be quarantined for a minimum of 3 days before being returned to my usual storage boxes.

Sadly, I will be unable to offer any refreshments during your appointment.

Leaving the Building

As with your arrival to the studio, I will escort you to the lift. There is another opportunity to sanitise your hands outside the lift on the ground floor if you wish.

However if you wish to walk down the stairs, you are more than welcome to. It is definitely easier going down than up!

I’ll also ask you to sign out using your own pen again – there is another opportunity to sanitise your hands at this point before leaving the building if required.

After Your Appointment

If you develop Covid-19 symptoms or test positive for Covid-19 after attending your appointment, PLEASE notify me immediately by telephone.

I have a duty to inform Yorkshire Artspace to help keep my fellow studio-holders stay as safe as possible, not forgetting my friends and family.

With over 60 studios in the building, some of which are shared spaces, it is vital that any potential risks are communicated. Your understanding in this is greatly appreciated.

It goes without saying that should I suffer symptoms, I will contact you immediately too.

It is my greatest desire to remain Covid-19 free, so I will do everything I can to help reduce the risks to both my clients and myself.

I hope this guidance will help set your mind at rest when considering whether it is safe to book consultation appointments at the studio in the future.

If you have any further queries, or would like to discuss booking an appointment, please do contact me.

Blog Update – 1st October: Updated to include the following information:

  • The NHS Covid-19 app and QR poster
  • Collection and storage of NHS Test and Trace contact details
  • My obligation to wear a face mask

Pre-Order the AW20 Beret Collection

Pre-Order the AW20 Beret Collection

Want to know how to to pre-order the AW20 Beret Collection today? Keep reading for all the crucial details!

Every Autumn I release a new collection of beret designs and this year is one of the biggest yet!

Featuring 17 brand new colours this is my most colourful beret collection so far…and the feedback so far has been overwhelmingly fantastic!

My Newsletter readers have already chosen these 8 colours as their favourites, but which one is your fave of the faves?

How to Pre-Order the New AW20 Beret Collection

  1. Sign into your account – or create an account here if you don’t already have one
  2. In the Shop menu, click on AW20 Berets
  3. Choose the beret (or berets!) that you would like to buy, add them to your basket and checkout as usual

I can hear a few questions brewing…so here’s the answers!

Q: Why do I have to sign into my account?
Because I can’t give you exclusive access to the collection any other way! I don’t use your shop account info for anything other than as a way to give you extra perks!

Q: What if I don’t have an account?
You can create one here – you just need your email address and a password.
(I don’t have access to your password – but you can request a reset if you forget the password!)

Q: When will the pre-orders close?
Midnight on Monday 7th September – although realistically, probably about 9am on Tuesday 8th.
(I’m so not staying up until midnight to press the buttons…plus I know some of you are in international time zones!)

Q: When will I receive my beret?
As quickly as possible – stock levels and postal services permitting.

I will be dispatching on a “first come first serve” basis – so the sooner you order, the quicker your beret will be sent out!

If I cannot dispatch your order immediately, I will let you know the anticipated timescale.
However, ALL pre-ordered designs will be dispatched BEFORE the new collection goes on general release.

Join My Beret Chic Focus Group!

Focus Group
Focus Group

It’s that time of year when I start looking for my annual Focus Group volunteers!

To help me prepare for the launch the NEW AW20 beret collection, I need a little bit of customer feedback.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve bought a beret from any of the previous collections…I just want your thoughts and opinions.

If you can spare me 5 minutes of your time for a quick survey next week, I would be so very grateful!

Would you like to…

  • Be in with a chance to WIN a beret of your choice from the new collection?⁠
  • Help me choose the most popular colours?⁠ (And get a little gift for 5 minutes of your time!)⁠
  • Find out how to pre-order the new AW20 beret collection before everyone else?⁠

If the answer to any of these questions is yes…Ladies, you NEED to be on my mailing list!⁠

Next week I’ll be doing a very special Newsletter to tell you how YOU can be part of my #beretchic Focus Group clique!⁠⁠

If you’re not already signed up, you can do it via my home page – it’s as simple as that!⁠

How to Wear a Beret

How to Wear a Beret
How to Wear a Beret

Don’t know how to wear a beret? This video is for you!

Join me to find out how to make your beret work for you. With lots of styling inspo, as well as top tips on all this – not just how to wear a beret!

  • How to resize your beret
  • How to style it
  • How to keep your beret in tip top condition
Whether you have long hair, a fringe, or wear glasses, I’ll show you styling tips to help you get the most from your favourite autumn/winter accessory.

As a milliner, I LOVE hats, but berets are my absolute favourites. Cosy and chic, these are my favourite collection to create and I launch new designs EVERY September.

I always end up snaffling one or two from each annual collection for myself! (Makers keepers and all that)

In this video I chose one of my, particularly on brand, favourite designs. After all, it’s no secret that I’ll a massive fan of pink…and sparkly things!

Pink Beret with Pink Sequin Bow

Pink Beret Pink Sequin Bow front

Want to see more videos from Imogen’s Imagination? Check out my Youtube Channel!

Are you now fully inspired to Wear a Beret?

If you’ve watched the video and can’t wait to start wearing a beret this season, check out the current collections.

Not sure which to choose? Here’s a few tips to pick the best match for you.

  • Accent colours are a great way to bring a pop of colour to an autumn winter wardrobe – don’t be afraid to go bright!
  • Think about the colour of your other accessories – do you have a favourite scarf or gloves that you would like your beret to coordinate with?
  • Why stop at one beret? Wish lists are there for a reason! If you can’t decide, work that list and share the link to your alternative choice with anyone who may be due to buy you a gift!