Shop the New AW20 Beret Collection

Shop the new AW20 beret collection

Are you ready to shop the new AW20 beret collection?

Well the great news is that the new designs are now available to buy online!

Not only have I introduced 15 new colours to my range of autumn winter berets, I’m also offering additional new colour combinations, thanks to the feedback I received from my Newsletter readers.

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If you saw my sneaky peek preview last month (yup, that was another Newsletter reader perk) you may already know what’s on your wish list – just hit the button to shop the new AW20 beret collection today.

If you haven’t been formally introduced yet, keep reading to find out more!

All image credits: Danni Maibaum – Photographer extraordinaire, all round good egg and total dream to work with!

Meet the New Designs

As already mentioned, I’ve added lots of new colours to this collection…but I’ve introduced even more colour combinations!

This year the berets are all about block colours, and after many (oh so very many!) metres of sample colours, I finally decided on the best ribbon colours to match to the berets. Don’t worry though, those samples aren’t going to waste – I’m working on a new project to use them up!

This means that many of the new designs are available with either a co-ordinating velvet ribbon bow or a black velvet ribbon – simply choose which you would prefer when you order.

These new choices have also meant a little refresh for some of my existing designs, such as the Red and Magenta colour ways.

Red Wool Felt Beret with a Bow by Imogen's Imagination
Red Beret with Red Velvet Ribbon Bow
Red Beret Black Velvet Ribbon Bow
Red Beret with Black Velvet Ribbon Bow
Magenta Beret with Magenta Velvet Ribbon Bow
Magenta Beret with Magenta Velvet Ribbon Bow
Magenta Beret Black Velvet Ribbon Bow
Magenta Beret with Black Velvet Ribbon Bow


Navy blue has always been THE staple shade of blue in my beret collection, but this year I’ve added 3 new shades; Airforce, Cornflower and Duck Egg Blue. These new shades would all look great paired with a navy winter coat for a splash of brightness during the gloomy months.

Shop all the Blue Berets


I confess, green is one of my least favourite colours…even though I know it’s hugely popular! With my 3 new shades of Emerald, Moss and Sage I hope there will be something for all the green lovers out there. Emerald is just a fabulously festive colour, but I suspect Moss and Sage will appeal to those who prefer more earthy tones.

Shop all the Green Berets


When I saw this Mustard beret I just KNEW that I had to include it in this year’s collection. This would be the most fabulous colour pop when paired with navy blue, burgundy/dark red tones or shades of brown. The Pale Yellow will definitely bring a little sunshine to a dreary day…and it will be perfect for Spring too!

Shop the Yellow Berets


If you’ve watched the video in my How To Wear a Beret blog, you already know that pink is my absolute favourite of all the colours…and I’m totally sold on these new additions to my range in Bubblegum and Coral. Bubblegum is slightly paler than the pink berets used for last year’s floral collection but just as pretty!

Shop all the Pink Berets


I’ve already mentioned Magenta but I have re-introduced Purple to my collection too. Many many moons ago, I used to have a fab shade of purple until it was discontinued by my beret supplier. This one is even better than that original shade, this is a gloriously rich deep purple.

Shop all the Purple Berets


Red is by far the most frequently featured colour in my beret collection, however that’s partly because I have two reds; a classic scarlet red and a rich wine red. These are now joined by the brand new Russet red. With it’s red-brown tones, this is such a wonderfully autumnal shade.

Shop all the Red Berets 


Last but not least are these classic neutral tones of Charcoal, Camel and Beige. These may be neutral but they are anything but bland! I teamed the Charcoal and Camel with black velvet ribbon bows as they really needed the colour contrast to make them pop. However all three of these shades are elegantly classic and oh so wearable.

Shop the Neutrals: Charcoal Grey, Camel, Beige

Want to see more of the new designs?

I’ve been embracing technology and I’ve created short videos for every design in the new collection!

These have been published on my YouTube Channel and more will be added soon.

Seen enough? Found your favourite new colour?

Are you now ready to shop the new AW20 beret collection?

Here’s that all important link for you again – this will take you straight to all the new berets for Autumn Winter 2020.

Happy shopping!

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