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Hats with Veiling

Hats with Veiling

Here you will find my selection of hats with veiling. All the pieces in this collection are small and lightweight, making them oh-so-easy to wear. However, you’ll see, the use of veiling adds ample style and drama, to these diminutive hats.

After all, is there anything more elegant – more reminiscent of old-school Hollywood glamour – than smoky eyes, peeping through the veil of a dainty button hat, worn at a stylish slant?

Handmade Millinery

The hats in this collection offer a wonderful opportunity to purchase a piece of hand-crafted millinery, made in the UK.

All of the pieces in this collection have been designed and handmade in my Sheffield studio. I have used the traditional millinery technique of hand-blocking to create the bases of these beautiful hats. These pieces are also almost entirely hand sewn, with just a single line of machine stitching to their linings.

Variety of Styles

You’ll find designs for all seasons, and all manner of formal occasions, in my collection of hats with veiling.

I have used veiling in a variety of ways throughout this range. From the traditional veil – designed to elegantly skim the wearer’s nose. To the more dramatic – with plumes of voluminous netting adding height and interest to otherwise simple designs.

Purchase with Confidence

As all my hats are unique, one-of-a-kind pieces, you won’t have to worry about someone else wearing the same design as you, at your special event.

What’s more, you can purchase my occasion hats with confidence, with my fast shipping and clear returns policy.

Bespoke Orders

Are you looking for an even more personalised experience; would you like me to create a bespoke hat in time for your big event? Then please do contact me. We can then arrange for an in-person consultation, and begin the bespoke order process.