Bespoke Small Hats

Bespoke Small Hats

Bespoke small hats can be just as impactive as a large hat. These smaller size hats can be a great choice if you aren’t used to wearing hat, or are attending an indoor event. However, they are equally at home at the races and all these designs meet the Royal Ascot dress code for the Royal Enclosure.

A variety of materials have been used to make these bespoke small hats. These have been chosen to suit both the client’s outfit and the setting in which the hat will be worn. These include a range of fabrics, felt, sinamay and even paper! 

You’ll also note that frothy feathers are most definitely not obligatory when it come to trimming a bespoke small hat.

Grey Pleated Silk Button Hat

This pleated silk button hat was made for a very special Mother of the Groom – my mum! I used silk and linen mix fabric to create a textural hat with a small amount of height. This was to compliment the elegant long-line jacket Mum created using the same fabric.

Navy Blue Half Hat with Veil and Leather Leaves

This crepe covered half hat was made for a mature bride with a winter wedding date. The veil could be folded back after the ceremony to reveal pleats of fabric with leather leaves nestling in the folds. I also created a complimenting headband for the evening reception.

You may notice that many of these bespoke small hats are monochrome; they have been made in a single colour. This is a conscious design feature to increase the “wear-ability” for other events and with alternative outfits. I want you receive glowing compliments every time you wear your Imogen’s Imagination hat. So the more chances you have to wear it, the better!

These bespoke small hats were created to match the budgets, needs and desires of the individual clients according to where and when their hat would be worn… for the first time!

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Dark Blue Felt Sloped Beret with Silver Punk Studs

I’ll be the first to admit this isn’t my usual style, but I loved working on this hat!  After a chance conversation about UK punk fashion and culture, we tapped into a idea of making the studs a feature. Thanks to the studs and a tartan silk lining, this deepest dark blue felt hat met the “edge with elegance” client brief.

Red Sinamay Button Hat with Silk Feathers

Made for a Mother of the Bride for a Winter wedding, this hat features silk “feathers” to add movement and height. The hat needed to be lightweight as the nuptial celebrations were all inside. The feathers mimic the flowing lines of the client’s longline organza dress.

Green Pleated Crepe Half Hat with Curls

This Mother of the Bride had her outfit made and I used the remnants to create this design. The lines of the client’s suit were very clean so the hat needed to reflect this simplicity, without being “flat”. The architectural curls created much needed lightness due to the deep tone of the colour. 

Navy Felt Sloped Beret Hat with Ribbon Loops

This navy wool felt sloped beret was created for a client who was attending the races in November. Felt was the perfect seasonal choice, offering a complimentary texture to her coat whilst offering warmth. The client requested understated decoration with minimal height, yet offering textural interest.

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Purple Sinamay Button Hat with Curl

This sinamay button hat was made for a wedding guest who had seen the design as part of my ready-to-wear collection. The client wanted a fuss free, contemporary style hat and we colour matched the sinamay to perfectly compliment her outfit. There is a straw version in my Reworked Hats archive.

Nude Paper Straw Half Hat with Lilies & Feathers

This multi-tone hat was created for a client who wanted to wear her outfit for both Ascot and a wedding later in the summer. This design was inspired by a lilac piece in my ready-to-wear collection. However, the design was flipped to be worn to the opposite side of the head, as this suited the client better.

Taupe Sinamay Button Hat with Birdcage Veil

These smaller hats lend themselves very well to short birdcage veils – and definitely create an impact. This taupe sinamay design featured handmade rosettes and covered buttons to mimic the floral pattern of the clients dress. Petersham ribbon is a very versatile material and I love working with it!

Grey Silk Calot Hat with Hackle Feathers

This Mother of the Bride hat came with a very specific brief. It was to be worn with an evening dress and had to cover the crown of the head. These soft hackle feathers offered the perfect way to provide coverage whilst keeping the design lightweight to compliment the flow of the dress.

Black Velvet Tilt Hat with Beading

Sadly, I no longer have access to the block to create this shape. The client wanted a 1940s style percher, so whilst this was not a faithful reproduction, it was inspired by the shapes and hat fixings of the time. The beading adds a sprinkle of extra shimmer and highlights the folds of the fabric.

Polka Dot Silk Button Hat

Confession time – I made this hat for myself! However it includes the most exuberant lining, my favourite part of making a hat, I wanted to show it off. It is your special little secret and a way to truly make your design, well, yours! Your hat should be beautiful inside and out!

Turquoise Wool and Peacock Feather Button Hat

This hat was made for a winter wedding guest using fabric left over from the suit she had made. Peacock sword feathers were curled by hand and offered both movement and shimmer to this simple shape. Peacock eye feathers can be considered unlucky for weddings, hence using this alternative shape.

Black and Red Wool Half Hat with Leather Leaves

This bouclé wool half hat was created to match the client’s outfit for an autumn wedding. The client knew it would work with multiple other items in her wardrobe, allowing her to get maximum wear from the design. Each leaf was meticulously sewn in place with the tiniest hidden, yet secure, stitches.

Mustard Sinamay Large Button Hat with Rosette

This mustard yellow sinamay button hat has been made for “casual” everyday wear. The button shaped base of this design is slightly larger than the next red design. The base of the button also has a slightly more rounded edge. The single colour palette will allow the hats to be worn with multiple outfits.

Red Sinamay Button Hat with Ribbon Rosette

This red sinamay button hat was for a summer wedding and the decoration brief was for a minimalist approach with no extra height. This large ribbon rosette offers texture and interest without being over-powering. Suitable for wearing with patterned or plain fabrics from Spring to Autumn.

Green Pleated Silk Button Hat with Birdcage Veil

This hat for a Mother of the Bride is another fabulous example of how to make a lining your own. The bride was adamant that purple could only be worn by the bridesmaids, so guess what colour lining we used for this design? After all, it was the perfect compliment to this silk!

Green Silk Velvet Pleated Half Hat

This pleated silk velvet hat was made using fabric from the client for both the outer and lining of the hat. The client wanted clean lines that allowed the natural texture and gloss of the fabric to be the focal point. These draped pleats were the perfect choice to achieve the desired look.

Navy Sequin and Pleated Crepe Half Hat

This design was for a repeat customer, this time as Mother of the Groom. The fabrics were chosen to compliment the client’s evening dress for the wedding that would take place in Israel. The goal was a modest hat that would be cool and lightweight to wear in the warmth of a Mediterranean evening.

Gold Brocade and Silk Pleated Half Hat

This half hat was created for a Mother of the Bride for a winter wedding. The client did not want a traditional brimmed hat and wanted to be able to wear the hat throughout the celebrations. The hat was made with 1960s brocade and vintage flowers to compliment her black dress with gold accents.