Reworked Hats

Reworked Hats

Reworked hats are designs that are made using pre-loved hats to create a brand new, contemporary and unique hats… and it’s something I love to do! 

Not all hats are made equally, so if you have spent money on a quality hat that you no longer wear – this could be a wonderful option for you. Not only will your hat receive a revamp, you will also be doing your bit to help with preserving the sustainability of precious resources and reducing your carbon foot print.

Sadly, very few millinery materials are still manufactured in the UK, and I do use reworked hats within my ready to wear collections as frequently as possible. Not only does it make these designs even more unique, but it also helps my customers to do their little bit for the planet too.

Good quality straw hats, that have been stored well, are the most wonderful resource. This option particularly suits brimmed hats, as there is simply more material to work with. However I can use smaller hats or even just existing decorations if that is all that is salvagable.

Black Straw Reworked Hat - Before

This very dated shape was provided by a client who wanted a new hat to wear for a wedding. The straw was fantastic quality and the hat had been stored in a box since it had been bought. This meant there was no light damage (fading) and I had plenty of material to work with.

Black Straw Reworked Hat - After

The client wanted to use minimal new materials and to reuse the original trimmings. I used the crown to create a button shaped base and the brim to create a striking wave. The feathers were re-cut to remove some slight damage and a lining was added to protect the straw for the future.

Green Straw Reworked Hat

Green Straw Reworked Hat - Before

The classic 1980s style hat is a wonderful example of a good quality woven straw. It has a fine weave and wonderful sheen. Sadly, this type of straw is incredibly difficult to source at affordable prices. It is always a joy to work with a hat of this size.

Green Straw Reworked Hat - After

This hat was made for a client who was attending a wedding. She chose a design from my ready-to-wear collection at the time and I remade the hat using this sage green straw. I also altered the height of the curl slightly for her, placing it lower down that the original design. (See a purple version)