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Retrimmed Hats

Retrimmed Hats

My retrimmed hats service is a great way to give pre-loved hat a new lease of life. Essentially, it is altering the decoration on the design but without altering the base shape of the hat or fascinator. 

This may be as simple as adding new feathers to the design to help it co-ordinate with a new outfit. In extreme cases, it may be the removal of all the existing decoration and replacing completely. However, the original trimmings can be re-used with additional design features, or changes to the positioning of the decoration.

Retrimmed hats can be a great alternative to buying a new hat. If you already have a favourite hat, or perhaps have borrowed a hat, I would definitely recommend this option. 

All my work is hand sewn, meaning none of the changes are permanent. So yes, you can keep wearing your favourite hat, I can simply give it some TLC for each outing!

Prices for my retrimmed hats start at £65 for my time and labour. The materials required will be costed as part of your consultation.

Red Sinamay Hat with Feather Retrim

This client loved the shape and colour of the hat but wanted it refreshed to go with a new outfit. I used sinamay and hand curled goose biot feathers to replace the original red feather flowers and satin loops. This new trim now complimented the pattern in the client’s dress.

Retrim with Purple Feathers

This Mother of the Bride client borrowed a plain ivory hat from a friend so it had to be returned in it’s original condition. The purple coque feathers were hand cut into zig zags to compliment the existing trim. The hand curled goose biot feathers added volume of colour without being heavy.

Brown Velour Fur Felt Man's Trilby

This glorious velour felt trilby came to me in need of some serious TLC. After a good brush up and clean, I replaced the tired hatband with a new ribbon and bow. The client choose the colour of the ribbon and I used it to create a band that matched the original scale and shape.

Navy Vintage Hat Retrimmed with a New Veil

This vintage 1980s pill box was brought to me with very tired veiling. The rest of the hat was in very good condition, however the veiling made the hat look old. I used merry widow veiling to retain the original look of the hat and repositioned the bow at the back at the request of the client.

Purple Sinamay Hat with Light Damaged Trim - Before

Sadly this hat had not been stored well and had suffered significant light damage and fading. However, the new colour was perfect for the client’s outfit for a wedding. However, it needed a full retrim to remove the damaged decoration and to hide some areas of obvious damage to the hat.

Purple Sinamay Hat with Rolled Sinamay Trim - After

The client liked the overall height, volume and style of the original trim. I also introduced new colours in the trim and used them to mimic the positioning of the damaged trim. This hat was for a summer wedding and the punchy colours were perfect with the tropical print of the client’s dress.

Black Hat Retrimmed with Almond Coque Feathers

This hat was the client’s “go to” hat and it had plenty of wear left in it. However, with a wedding in the diary the client wanted a little extra “something” to tie it to a new outfit. Simply adding these long-stemmed, almond colour coque feathers was the most effective solution to break up the overall colour.