Bespoke Brimmed Hats

Bespoke brimmed hats do not have to be large affairs. They do not always have to be bust the budget affairs either! I am fully equipped to offer completely handmade designs to my clients, however this is not always the appropriate option. 

Factors such as budget and “wear-ability” may affect this decision making. I would always prefer to design a more budget friendly hat for you if there is the chance you can wear it again for other events and with alternative outfits. I want you receive glowing compliments every time you wear your Imogen’s Imagination hat. So the more chances you have to wear it, the better!

Some of these examples were created using blanks from trusted suppliers who manufacture hats in the UK. This option offers full freedom to you with regards to the trimming your hat, and a broad range of colour options. This also allows me to offer unique designs at variety of prices.

These bespoke brimmed hats were created to match the budgets, needs and desires of the individual clients according to where and when their hat would be worn… for the first time!

Ivory Sinamay Hat with Curls and Feathers

This ivory sinamay hat features a fabulous sweeping, asymmetric brim. The trim has been created using elegant loops, curls and hand cut coque feathers. Designed to be worn with a navy dress featuring a floral pattern around the skirt, it would also look fabulous with block colours and stripes.

Red Sinamay Hat with Two Tone Ribbon Trim

This red sinamay brimmed hat was for a summer wedding. Rather than coordinating to the pattern of the client’s dress, we chose two shades of red for the folded petersham ribbon trim. This allows the hat to be worn again with alternative outfits in other patterns and colourways.

Silver Grey Sinamay Free Form Hat for Ascot

This pale grey sinamay hat was created with a freeform bias brim. The hat was destined for Ascot and the client wanted to make a statement yet be comfortable in a light weight design. The design was finished with a pair curled pheasant feathers and a silk and organza rose.

Navy Blue Suede Felt Boater Hat

This boater hat was hand-blocked using a stunning fur felt with a suede effect finish. A wide petersham band and bow were created in the client’s preferred shade of ribbon; the classic trim for this shape of hat. A luxurious silk lining was added as a finishing touch and to protect the felt from the natural oils of the wearer’s hair and skin.

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Royal Blue Sinamay Hat with Small Upturned Brim

This blue sinamay hat was created for a client travelling to a wedding abroad. The hat needed to be easily transportable, offer some shade from the Sicilian sun and to suit the wearer’s petite height. I specifically recommended trims that could be easily protected and a brim size that would be luggage friendly.

Black Crepe Mushroom Hat with Satin Trim

This hand-blocked hat features a mid-sized mushroom shaped brim. It was created with fabrics provided by the client to match her outfit for a wedding. The ensemble featured a large bow and this theme was carried through to the hat design with a similarly shaped bow.