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Berets with Bows

Berets with Bows

For this collection of berets with bows, I’ve added a modern twist to this timeless French classic. My extensive range of wool berets feature handsewn bows in opulent fabrics, colours and patterns. All of these bows have been chosen to complement the rich colours of the berets themselves.

This style of hat is perfect for everyday wear, and my high-quality, wool berets will keep you both chic and cosy throughout the chilly autumn and winter months.

A Wardrobe Staple
The beret is the epitome of classic French style; conjuring up images of chic, Parisian elegance. One could easily argue that the beret is an autumn/winter staple, which everybody needs in their wardrobe. Team with a cosy coat, and a snuggly scarf, and you’ll be ready for whatever the British winter throws at you!

Within this collection you’ll discover an extensive range of berets with bows; offering you a wide variety of colours to choose from. Either match your beret to your winter coat, or simply pick the colour that best expresses your personal style.

Sizing and Styling
My berets with bows are a ladies one size, and will comfortably fit an average-sized head. If you’d like tips on styling, then check out my Youtube video: How to Wear a Beret.

This video includes tips on how to pre-size your beret, as well as how to choose a way to wear it that suits you. There’s also advice on how to care for your beret in order to keep it looking good for years!

Gift Options
One of my berets would make a beautiful gift, which the lucky recipient could enjoy for years to come. If you’d like to purchase one of my berets as a gift, then you can choose to add gift wrapping to your purchase.

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