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Hair Clips

All of the products in this collection feature salon-quality, aluminium pin curl clips. These high-quality hair clips are lightweight and super-springy, yet with a solid grip, which means they’ll stay comfortably in place all-day-long, even if you have fine or short hair.

Variety of Styles
You’ll discover a variety of product ranges in my Hair Clips collection.

There are velvet ribbon bows, in a host of lush hues – perfect for adding a pop of colour and a little vintage style to your outfit. There are also fabric bows, in a variety of fun and seasonal prints – perfect for pepping up a festive outfit.

I also have a range of large, statement hair flowers, including realistic fabric roses and orchids. These hair flowers have all been individually hand-painted, and would be worthy of any special occasion.

I also have a range of velvet pansy hair clips. These beautiful, richly-toned floral clips can be purchased individually, or in sets, and can be mixed and matched for a stand-out, vintage look.

Styling Inspiration
If you’re not sure how to style your new hair clip, then don’t worry. You’ll find lots of inspiration in the product images of each item. These pictures show my hair clips styled in a variety of ways, including half-up dos and loose styles, as well as braids, ponytails, chignons, and buns.